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warby range cherry orchard

Warby Range Orchard

Our Warby Range Orchard is situated in the rolling hills of  Wangaratta`s Warby Ranges, with an elevation of 360 metres above sea level. This elevation allows us to produce delicious mid to late season cherries.

The hilltop orchard site boasts picturesque views of Wangaratta and the Ovens Valley Region all the way to the snow-capped mountains of Mt Buffalo .

Our philosophy at Smiths Fruit has always been to grow premium quality cherries that our customers love to eat.

At Smiths Fruit, “We Love Cherries” so when growing our cherries, we take the upmost care and use the best possible sustainable management practices available.

We select our cherry varieties on flavour, firmness and size. We have a dedicated family team who continually uphold the Smiths Fruit Family Tradition of growing premium quality cherries.

The cherry packing shed
cherry packing shed

Smiths Fruit Packhouse

Once picked, the cherries are delivered to the packhouse and immediately hydro-cooled to maximize fruit freshness. The modern packing facility uses optical grading technology and is located at the Warby Range Orchard site.

Our premium quality cherries are prepared and packed for many markets both domestically and internationally. Prior to processing, the packhouse management team will assess the fruit to determine which market the cherries will best suit.

Sorting of cherries is an extremely important process, and we work diligently with the team of highly trained staff to achieve our high-quality product standards.

Smiths Fruit adhere to a rigorous Quality Assurance Program that ensures food safety and fruit quality standards are maintained.

Smiths Fruit, “We Love Cherries”.

Warby tower cherry orchard
Warby Tower cherry orchard

Warby Tower Orchard

The Warby Tower Orchard, which was acquired and planted in 2018, is situated further north along the Warby Ranges in the Killawarra region.

We use the orchard’s unique climatic conditions along with our advanced growing practices to maximize the potential of producing an earlier cherry harvest.

Smiths Fruit, “We Love Cherries”.

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